The functions of the YCAM InterLab

The YCAM InterLab assumes the following functions.

Research into possible applications of media technology

The InterLab observes trends in the continuously evolving field of media technology, and conducts research regarding the possibilities it holds.

Based on their investigations into the original functions of the various forms of media technology, as well as on their own sociological/ideological backgrounds, the team has been discovering and accumulating as-yet unknown possibilities (including misusage) and new possible applications – also in combination with other technologies – through active trial-and-error. The knowledge obtained this way benefits the flexibility of YCAM’s activities, as well as the creation of original works and implementation of workshops as described below.

Production of original works and educational programs

Engaging in the development of original contents harnessing the media technological knowledge gained through the above-mentioned research, the InterLab flexibly deals with various aspects of creative work, ranging from the development of software and devices, to stage machinery, lighting, imagery, sound, fixtures, the design of PR materials, and furthermore, methods of curation and facilitation. In addition to producing contents for artworks or workshops in collaboration with artists, in many cases production is being advanced on the team’s own initiative.


Publication of results of research and development projects

The InterLab actively publishes knowledge, experience and results emerging in the process of devising programs, for others to share.

Around a centerpiece of YCAM events such as lectures and training sessions, the InterLab pursues the sharing of information via academic research institutes, through the submission of papers, academic presentations, etc. Results like software and hardware are made available to the general public as open-source material, in order to create an environment in which third parties can freely utilize the results of YCAM’s activities. By extensively publishing such results of our work, we hope to contribute to the expansion of human networks, and the creation of new artistic expression, research and development originating from YCAM.


Exchange with educational institutions, research institutes and business enterprises in Japan and abroad

The InterLab engages in exchange in the form of joint research and development projects with external institutions such as educational and research institutes, as well as business enterprises in Japan and abroad.

Considering its high-performance exhibition facilities and open environment that encourages people with diverse backgrounds to visit spontaneously, YCAM boasts a variety of advantages compared to other educational institutions, research institutes and business enterprises. By combining these advantages with technologies brought in from external institutions, YCAM devises new workshops and products through joint research and development, with the aim to solidify its function as a platform for multilateral exchange.

Nurturing of human resources to play leading roles in the fields of art, education and industry

Utilizing the characteristics of YCAM’s activities based around a core of research and development projects, the InterLab engages in on-site training of future forces in the fields of art and education.

In cooperation with governmental and educational institutions, research institutes and business enterprises in Japan and abroad, the InterLab offers year-round opportunities for individuals from Japan and abroad to take part in one of its personnel training or internship programs. A large number of former YCAM trainees went on to work in the fields of technical direction, art management, museum education or engineering.