Three Directions of the Activities of YCAM:


YCAM places importance on educational programs that stimulate interest and imagination by introducing visitors to media technology and new forms of artistic expression incorporating it.

Connecting "technology" with "learning"

Media technology is surrounding us in daily life in a variety of forms today. However, most people certainly can’t assess how to approach it in appropriate ways.

While giving consideration to YCAM visitors’ subjective attitude toward “learning”, the underlying curiosity, and questioning mindsets regarding first-time encounters, YCAM works out various contents designed to convey profound knowledge about media technology, and forms of art and communication it makes possible.

Play Unleashes the Creative Power Within Korogaru Koen Park Series

YCAM is developing the Korogaru Koen Park Series—a play area designed as an environment to get children to think for themselves and create through play.

This series is characterized by spaces that fuse a unique physical environment, such as irregular floors, with a media environment comprising video, audio, and lighting that can be altered. Children get a feel for the potential that media technology holds as they freely weave a new kind of play using this unique environment.

Since this series began in 2012, it has changed in form several times and has not only been exhibited in art festivals throughout Japan, centered on YCAM, but it has also received great acclaim, such as by winning the Good Design Award.

Media Technology Learned through the Senses YCAM Original Workshops

YCAM has developed numerous public education programs known as ‘Original Workshops’, where we apply the techniques and knowledge we have gained as well as the software and hardware we have developed in our research and development projects and in the process of producing our works.

Original Workshops

This will not only offer an experiential learning opportunity on the advantages and disadvantages brought about by media technology, but it will also provide an opportunity to re-situate ourselves and our society.

In addition to holding these workshops in city elementary schools, they will also be held in museums both in Japan and abroad. If you inquire in advance, you can also experience this workshop at YCAM.

To schools and educators