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“Flexibility” is our keyword. Nearly every inch of YCAM - including hallways and paths - is used for both creation and presentation. Here you can learn about all of it, even our normally off-limits backyard.

Exterior Design

YCAM springs into view at almost the exact midpoint between the Yudaonsen and Yamaguchi stations on the JR Yamaguchi Line. The building itself is 170m long, 50m wide and 20m tall. It has a distinctive, “wavy” roof design inspired by the ridgelines of the surrounding mountains. Its interior is arranged laterally by function and encompasses theater, gallery, cinama and library space. The design was created by the Arata Isozaki & Associates architectural firm.

Yamaguchi City Central Park (pictured above)

This park is characterized by wide open lawn space. For a park of its size, it has a limited amount of playground equipment and bench seating, which means that visitors have more free space to play and relax as they wish. The park is used for a variety of YCAM events, such as the “Midsummer Night’s Film Screening.”


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  • Foyer
  • Patio
  • Studio A
  • Control Room
  • Unpacking Room
  • Dressing Rooms
  • Yamaguchi City Central Library
  • Information Space
  • Community Space
  • Biolab
  • Kids/' Space
  • Ticket Information
  • Office
  • Restaurant Space


This open, expansive area located in front of a large stairway connecting the first and second floors is maintained as free-use space. It is common to see students sitting at the tables and chairs set up along the sides of the foyer, engrossed in their studies. This flexible space is also sometimes used for displays which capitalize on the high ceiling.

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There are four of these glass-enclosed, open ceiling free-use spaces located around the facility. On a clear day, visitors can relax here with a cup of tea or a book. The unique design makes these patios feel like they are located both inside and outside the building at the same time, which is a feature sometimes utilized to good effect for display installation pieces, performances and the like.

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Studio A

This theater-style space is used for a variety of stage performances, such as dance and live concerts. The tiered seating can be stored under the floor in order to make the entire space flat, making it also suitable for large-scale display installation pieces. The studio is used as a venue for artists in residence to create and display works which span a variety of genres.

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Control Room

This room is where the PA mixer, DMX controller and other devices used to control the high-quality video, sound and lighting equipment in Studio A is located. However, in order to diminish the sense of distance from the artist, this control has been moving increasingly closer to the audience seating.

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Unpacking Room

This space is used to unpack the materials used in Studio A and is designed to be accessible by a ten-ton truck. In addition to machinery that can cut wood based off of 3D data, this area is equipped with a lathe, milling machine and other equipment used in the creation of large-scale wooden installations.

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Dressing Rooms

These anterooms are used by artists who will be performing on-stage. There are eight dressing rooms in total, located on both the first and second floors.

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Yamaguchi City Central Library

As a local information hub, the library provides basic library services. The library's collection includes not only books but also a diverse range of CD and DVD resources. It facilitates learning and cultural activities and plays host to various lectures and other information events.

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Information Space

Equipped with four large-screen monitors, this space is used to display information about current and upcoming events. As these monitors can also be used to display video pieces, this space is sometimes used for exhibiting installation pieces or hosting lectures and other such events.

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Community Space

This space is used to host small-scale events, such as workshops and lectures. At YCAM, it is important that visitors are able to discover and experience both the potential and significance of media technology on their own; thus, the Center offers events through which visitors can develop their media technology "literacy" as well as appetite for expression. Through such events, YCAM works to broaden people's thinking and spur their creativity. This space plays a central role in achieving this goal.

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This workspace is equipped with DNA analysis equipment and microscopes useful for biotechnology research.

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Kids/' Space

In addition to space for nursing mothers, cribs and cushions, you will find toys, picture books, children's videos and other childcare resources. On days when the adjacent Yamaguchi City Central Library is open, paid childcare is available between 13:00 and 17:00.

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Ticket Information

Ticket sales and a variety of inquiries are handled here.

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This space is where YCAM staff work. It is where a variety of different ideas and plans are born.

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Restaurant Space

This space is equipped with a kitchen, cooking equipment and other resources. Cooking-related workshops and other events are held here.

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  • Studio B
  • Unpacking Area
  • Gallery second floor
  • Studio C
  • Projection Room
  • Bridge
  • Multipurpose Room
  • Lab

Studio B

This "white cube" space is primarily used for exhibiting installation pieces, but it can also be used for workshops, concerts and other events. The left and right side walls can be removed to transform the space from a closed cube into an open area filled with natural light flowing in through the glass walls of the adjacent patios. In addition, the ceiling is equipped with a jack-up truss grid system which can be used to hang blackout curtains and lighting as needed.

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Unpacking Area

This space is used for unpacking the large set pieces used in Studio B. It is equipped with a chip mounter for placing electronic components on circuit boards, a 3D printer, a laser cutter and other equipment to be used as needed in creative activities.

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Studio C

This mini-theater space can accommodate up to 100 people and is used primarily for film screenings, but is also sometimes used for lectures and other speaking events. It is used for "YCAM Cinema," which screens a variety of films and video pieces, primarily on weekends. The theater is well-known for its excellent 5.1ch Dolby Digital sound system and is also suitable for recording thanks to a room design which minimizes reverberation.

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Projection Room

The projection room physically adjoins Studio C. It is equipped to handle both new and old film and video formats, including everything from analog film to various digital media, such as DCP (digital cinema package), thanks to a fully automated 35mm film projector and a high-definition video projector.

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A bridge has been installed in an open section of the second floor to allow visitors cross over and above the Yamaguch City Central Library. The entire library space can be surveyed from the bridge as natural light pours into the room from the patio area.

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Multipurpose Room

This conference room equipped with a whiteboard, a monitor and a projector among others can be used for meetings, lectures, or similar events.

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This is a creation space used by YCAM designers, engineers and outside artists. It is permanently equipped with a large format printer, laser cutter, 3D printer and other equipment, as well as a large supply of posters, fixtures and other display tools and resources.

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Building Data

YCAM is a diverse facility offering large-scale art installations, exhibits, dance performances, live concerts, film screenings, workshops and much more.
Underlying all of this diversity is a keyword: "flexibility." Nearly every space within YCAM contains aisles, allowing it to be both a place of presentation and creation. This flexibility in physical infrastructure allows YCAM to foster collaboration amongst artists, researchers and local residents while fulfilling its mission to convey a diversity of media technology-driven expression to the world.
  • Construction period: 29 August 2001 - 31 March 2003
  • Completed: 31 March 2003
  • Opened: 1 November 2003
  • Designed by: Arata Isozaki & Associates
  • Site area: 14,536㎡
  • Building footprint: 7,325.52㎡
  • Total floor space: 14,807.54㎡
  • Structure: Steel-frame construction, three levels (+ two levels below ground)

Related Facilities

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Satellite A

Satellite A is an exhibition space that opened in 2020 on a corner of the city center of Yamaguchi City, in front of JR Yamaguchi Station. Exhibitions for artwork installations, workshops, or other events can be held here. This will provide even greater opportunities to experience YCAM's activities.


For Corporations and Research Institutions

YCAM promotes research and development in cooperation between the Center’s internal InterLab research & development team and business enterprises or research institutes.
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