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Joint research and development with YCAM

YCAM promotes research and development in cooperation between the Center’s internal InterLab research & development team and business enterprises or research institutes.
Combining the various advantages of YCAM – ranging from the staff members’ specialized skills to high-spec exhibition facilities, along with an open environment for visitors from all kinds of backgrounds – is likely to produce exceptional results in the development of products and workshops. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for further information.

Recent examples

JackIn Workshop

A “JackIn” workshop is being developed in cooperation with Shunichi Kasahara, researcher at the Sony Computer Science Laboratories (Sony CSL).
In this workshop, test subjects wearing head-mounted display/camera devices playgames based on the JackIn principle of sharing their field of view with multiple otherpersons.
The purpose of these games that are presently in development is to studythe possibilities of human individuals as media, and the direction in which knowledge is going to expand in the future.

Korogaru Garden for LIL KIDS

Commissioned by Isetan Mitsukoshi Ltd., we developed the “Korogaru Garden” as a new type of learning environment for “cocoiku”, the company’s education project for children.
Based on the idea behind the “Korogaru Koen” series we have been implementing at YCAM since 2012, we arranged the framework to suit even children preschool age and younger, and set up an exhibition space at the Isetan store’s Shinjuku branch.



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