YCAM InterLab

YCAM InterLab is the name of YCAM’s internal research and development team.

Made up of about 20 resident staff members with various skills in the fields of curation, education, engineering and design, the team plays a leading role in various YCAM programs, from the conception and production of works to the development of workshop contents, in collaboration with local citizens, artists, researchers and external engineers.

The functions of the YCAM InterLab

The YCAM InterLab assumes the following functions.

  • Research into possible applications of media technology
  • Production of original works and educational programs
  • Publication of results of research and development projects
  • Exchange with educational institutions, research institutes and business enterprises in Japan and abroad
  • Nurturing of human resources to play leading roles in the fields of art, education and industry

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Three Laboratories

The InterLab combines three laboratories that operate based on YCAM’s general philosophy: “Production Lab”, “Education Lab” and “Regional Research Lab”. Rather than through their respective individual activities, the laboratories have been producing a broad array of of results in loose connection with each other.