Regional Research Lab

The research and development activities of the Regional Research Lab, one of the three specialized laboratories that make up the YCAM InterLab, are mainly related to regional challenges and community resources.

Mobilizing regional forces together with citizens

The penetration of the Internet has made grassroots technologies such as open-source software, which users are free to modify or distribute, the focus of public attention. In addition to this, so-called “open platforms” on which industrially developed technologies are made available for users to co-create products have begun to emerge. The advent of such open technologies has triggered a dramatic expansion of the range of application.

Against the backdrop of such movements, the Regional Research Lab engages in research and development activities aimed to turn the various potentials of media technology into solutions for the regional challenges of Yamaguchi, and to new usage of community resources.

Main activities

Assistance for citizens' creative activities

Harnessing the knowledge and experience with media technology accumulated up to this point, the Regional Research Lab provides assistance for Yamaguchi citizens’ creative civil activities.

Supporting operations of the ”YAMA KITCHEN”, a joint kitchen/restaurant space in Yamaguchi with a focus on “food, lifestyle and media,” and ”FabLab Yamaguchi β”, a workshop for citizens equipped with digital fabrication machinery, the Regional Research Lab in cooperation with the government offers various assistance for civil activities revolving around the ”creation of occasions,” including the coordination of workshops based on digital fabrication in the Chusankan area.


Establishment of a platform for visualizing regional challenges

The Regional Research Lab is engaged in the establishment of a platform for the purpose of highlighting the challenges that Yamaguchi faces right now, and sharing those with a large number of citizens.

At present, the Lab regularly hosts discussions on immediate daily life issues collected via a bulletin board on which users can post messages freely and anonymously, and events like ”RADLOCAL” as occasions for people from various regions outside Yamaguchi to meet and exchange.


Proposals of new products utilizing community resources

The Regional Research Lab proposes new products developed by combining the specific natural resources and traditional crafts of Yamaguchi City with media technology.

The focus is currently on studies of new products made from such materials as Tokuchi washi paper or bamboo, and on research into traditional crafts and natural resources, coordinated with the development of accordingly themed workshops for children.

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