Production Lab

The Production Lab, one of the laboratories that make up the YCAM InterLab, is mainly dedicated to research and development related to the production of artworks.

Supporting artists and creating things together

Developments in media technology have been affecting not only society, but also reality and imagination on an individual level, and this trend doesn’t seem to end anytime soon.

Against this backdrop, artists around the world utilize media technology to create works that stir up society, and thereby seek to renew the conventional framework of "art".

The Production Lab conducts research and development with the aim to enable such artists to realize their works in a wide range of formats including installation pieces, dance/theater performances, video works, etc.

Main activities

Production of original works

The Production Lab is involved with the production of original installation pieces and dance/theater performances together with artists.

Works incorporating media technology take on shape within a complex web of various elements such as (specially developed) software/hardware, lighting and other fixtures, the design of exhibition signboards, and acoustic/visual settings.
The Production Lab’s ability to deal with all of these elements enables flexible, high-quality artwork production.

Another role of the Production Lab is to ensure and further deepen curators’ and engineers’ correct understanding of the artistic visions they are presented with.

The advance of such production work from conception to final output within a consistent system is a special characteristic of the Production Lab, which has so far produced a large number of “YCAM commissioned” works. Many of the works realized at YCAM have subsequently traveled to festivals and exhibitions, or won prizes at competitions around the world.

Furthermore, software and hardware developed in the process, together with the knowledge and experience gained thereby, are in turn applied to workshop programs devised by the Education Lab, and to the activities of the Regional Research Lab.

Road support

The Production Lab offers support whenever works produced at YCAM travel to festivals and exhibitions across Japan or even abroad.

As works made at YCAM are sometimes very complex or large-scaled, it happens that the museum staff at the respective destination is unable to deal with them without assistance.
In such cases, members of the Production Lab are dispatched to the scene in order to install the respective works together with their creators.

Knowledgeable and experienced also in terms of conservation and restoration, the team takes care of necessary maintenance work such as the reparation of hardware that deteriorates during such travels.