Education Lab

One of the three specialized laboratories that make up the YCAM InterLab, the Education Lab is mainly in charge of research and development projects related to “learning”.

Connecting "technology" with "learning"

Media technology is surrounding us in daily life in a variety of forms today. However, most people certainly can’t assess how to approach it in appropriate ways.

While giving consideration to YCAM visitors’ subjective attitude toward “learning”, the underlying curiosity, and questioning mindsets regarding first-time encounters, the Education Lab works out various contents designed to convey profound knowledge about media technology, and forms of art and communication it makes possible.

Main activities

Development of original workshop programs

The Education Lab has been developing a number of original workshop programs applying techniques and software/hardware developed in the process of artwork production at the Production Lab.

Each program offers participants the opportunity to learn and experience firsthand the advantages and disadvantages of media technology, and in addition, to renew their understanding of the human body and society by way of media technology.

Eight different types of workshops were developed since the opening of YCAM. These workshops have been highly evaluated, winning the Kids Design Award among others.

Original Workshops

In addition to local elementary schools, these workshops have been implemented at locations across Japan and abroad, and can also be experienced at YCAM by all visitors who apply in advance. For application methods please see “To schools and educators”.

To schools and educators

walking around surround

Creating opportunities for new experiences

Inspired by the desire to communicate the possibilities of media technology to a large number of people through direct experience, YCAM is developing the “Korogaru Koen” series of children’s playgrounds equipped with a wide range of media technologies.

Creating new games by combining physical ones such as tag with virtual ones incorporating media technology, or modifying rules and functions based on mutual agreement, also inspires the users (children) to consider such things as costs involved in the creation of their direct environments.

The “Korogaru Koen” series has received high acclaim and won the Good Design Award while undergoing various development and reshaping at art festivals across Japan since its launch in 2012.

Korogaru Koen Park

Production of popularization programs

YCAM has been producing a number of popularization programs in parallel with all kinds of events. In guided tours around exhibitions, backstage tours during performance programs, and the “Double Film Screening” series for example, our expert staff offers technical and theoretical explanations related to works, whereas we carefully avoid that such information causes a fixation of the viewer’s perspective, but instead inspires viewers to find out their own individual ways of appreciation based on dialogue among visitors.