Otomo Yoshihide, Kimura Yuki, Benedict Drew, HIrakawa Norimichi, Ishikawa Ko, Ichiraku Yoshimitsu, Jim O'Rouke, Kahimi Karie, Sachiko M, Axel Dörner, Martin Brandlmayr, Takamine Tadasu, Aoyama Yasutomo, Filament
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Studio A / Studio B / Library / Foyer / Patios /
Otomo Yoshihide is an artist who is always pursuing sound on an experimental basis in varied areas of music, such as free jazz, improvisation, noise music, contemporary music, electronic music, and film music. Performing the mediamix of space and image in the comprehensive world of sound in a multifaceted way, Otomo presents four new installations as YCAM-commissioned work.

The concept of this event is that "ENSEMBLES" composed of many people are brought together in further plurality. Musicians, sound creators and visual artists in and outside Japan produce various collaborations together with citizens to resonate with all the audience. Please come and enjoy a new landscape that will be open to the view when people come together and mingle.

installtion 1:
quartets (new work)

Period/Time: July 5 (Sat.) - September 23 (Tue. ) /12:00-19:00
*The period is changed from September 15 (Mon. ) to September 23 (Tue. ).
Venue: Studio B
Participating artists:
quartet A: Otomo Yoshihide (JP)+Axel Dörner (GE)+Martin Brandlmayr (AT)+Sachiko M (JP)
quartet B: Kahimi Karie (JP)+Ishikawa Ko (JP)+Ichiraku Yoshimitsu (JP)+Jim O'Rourke (USA)Kimura Yuki (JP) [video-shooting and direction] +Benedict Drew (UK) [object and image]+Hirakawa Norimichi (JP) [programming, system]

Nearly life-sized silhouettes of musicians are projected on each side of a white cube (3.3m square and 2.5m tall) placed in the center of the hall. On the screen on each wall facing the cube are projected details of objects made of wood, iron, liquid, etc. and those materials vibrate to the sound produced by the musicians who are projected.
Each of four musicians is projected on a side of the cube. Either of two quartets, A or B, starts performing, and as time passes, players in A and B change places or interfere with each other. Consequently, the performances of A and B are blended or combined at random, and each time a totally new quartet comes to exist. Since visitors can look at only one side of the cube at a time, they can listen to the sounds played by all the players but can't see their figures all together simultaneously.

installtion 2:
orchestras(new work)
Period/Time: August 23 (Sat.) - October 13 (Mon.)  /12:00-19:00
Venue: Studio A
Participatign artists:
Otomo Yoshihide+Takamine Tadasu + many musicians

This exhibit is a sound installation created in collaboration with Takamine Tadasu, an artist of contemporary art, in which waste wood and beams of light are used. In the space of Studio A are all kinds of waste wood, objects, and speakers of various kinds. Placed in the center is an equipment that reflects light on them with mirrors, and the beams of light fly about in the space. Sounds are emitted from the objects searched by the beams, and while each part resonates, visitors can experience the sound of a compound orchestra. There is an installation that contains many electric guitars on the bottom of the semi-basement, and the feedbacks by the guitars are sometimes heard from there. Visitors can go down to that basement and walk about. In the recording of the sound sources, about a hundred people ranging from professional musicians of different genres to local amateur players participated and performed solos. Visitors can enjoy listening to this orchestration in which various sounds get entwined at random from different speakers hanging in space.

*Please note that as a live concert is scheduled on Saturday, August 23, Studio A is closed at 16:00 on the day due to the live concert.

Temporary closure of Studio A:
Date/Time:  16:00-19:00 Saturday, August 23, 2008

installation 3:
without records (new version)
Period/Time: July 5 (Sat.) - October 13 (Mon. ) / 10:00-20:00
Venue: Foyer, Gallery 2F, and Courtyard
Paticipating artists:
Otomo Yoshihide+Aoyama Yasutomo

In this installation, there are about a hundred portable record players without records, but equipped with unusual materials such as corrugated paper or iron. In the space of the foyer, turntables scattered everywhere, high and low, right and left, produce noises by the rotating friction, resonating in multilayer. Quiet, low-fi sounds form groups and change the entire image of sounds. When visitors move the position of a player or replace the needle, an additional new world of sound appears. In the gallery on the second floor is a new installation, which disassembles turntable functions and hi-fi sound is output.
These installations provide people with an opportunity to reconsider the meaning, possibilities, and historical significance of sound art composed of records and turntables, which are being consigned to oblivion in the digital age.
(This work is a great renewal of the work exhibited in sendai mediatheque in 2007.)
The system has been jointly developed with YCAM InterLab.

hyper wr player  - without records hi-fi version -

August 23 (sat.) - October 13 (mon.)
Gallery 2F

What is the sound that a record player has in itself? Adopting today's state-of-the-art technologies to the full, this work "without record player" is based on the concept of "without records," which uses only old portable record players and has been evolved through stages. This hyper-version performs deconstruction and reconstruction in the current perspective, taking away the recorded media (records) of a record player, the origin of recording media.

installation 4:
filaments(new work)
Period/Time: July 5 (Sat.) - October 13 (Mon. ) / Mon-Fri:19:00-, Sat, Sun, national holidays and library closing days:17:00-
Venue: Yamaguchi City Central Library in YCAM
Paticipating artists:
Filament [Otomo Yoshihide+Sachiko M]

Four speakers are set up in the library. The quiet sound of Filament flows for an hour after the library is closed. While small LED lights set on the bookshelves in the library flash repeatedly, the sound fragments intertwine at random, sometimes in the volume hardly noticeable and sometimes within a barely audible frequency range. Listening carefully, you will hear Filament's ensemble in the ambient noise.